Admission Requirements

Collegiate High School programs are open to any public, private, or home-schooled student based on the criteria outlined below.  All programs are subject to enrollment limitations based on program and grade level.

A completed 2024-2025 Collegiate High School Application with transcripts must be submitted by the established deadlines for all applicants.

Any student entering high school for the first time must enter as a 9th grader (freshman) no matter how many credits were earned while in middle school, in accordance with the 23-24 OCSD Pupil Progression Plan. Students who earn the required high school credits may apply early for graduation. More information can be found at OCSD High School 2023-2024 Pupil Progression Plan.

Grade level student must be eligible for by the last day of the 2022-2023 school year in the public school where the student resides

Minimum credits the student must have earned by the last day of the 2022-2023 school year in the public school where the student resides

Minimum unweighted GPA for all credits earned as of the close of fall 2022 semester for admission purposes and maintained through spring 2023 for enrollment purposes

Minimum college level placement scores in English, Math, and Reading as documented by valid ACT, SAT, and/or PERT scores.

9th Grade

Associate in Arts &

Associate in Science


Completion of 8th grade science, math, history, and English



10th Grade

Associate in Arts &

Associate in Science


Completion of 9th grade and 5 high school credits to include English I and Algebra I*



11th Grade

Associate in Arts


Completion of 10th grade and 10 high school credits to include English I, English II,  Algebra I*, and Geometry



* Algebra I must have been passed with a 3 or higher on the End of Course exam (EOC)

*After admission to Collegiate High School all Algebra I credits for non-public and/or out of state schools that do not include a comprehensive exit exam will be pending until the successful completion of the Florida Algebra I End of Course exam.

** For the purpose of Collegiate High School application requirements, middle school GPA will be calculated using the average of the core courses of science, math, history, and English.

  • 90-100 (A)= 4 points

  • 80-89 (B)= 3 points.

  • 70-79 (C)= 2 points

  • 60-69 (D)=1 point.

Students Not Meeting Admission Requirements

Each year Collegiate High School accepts 20% of students into the 9th and 10th grade programs who do not meet the GPA/placement score minimum requirements. These students are classified as Pre-Collegiate and will be placed in a separate lottery for admittance based on availability in each program or grade level. Students with a 2.5-2.99 GPA are eligible to apply to this program.