What type of academic and other support is available to CHS students?

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The course requirements for Collegiate High School students is college level. To help students succeed, CHS provides a network of vital support services.

Student service specialists dedicated to the school and its students monitor student progress on a weekly basis. These direct support staff members provide an overall 1-to-22 student ratio for personalized attention.

Free tutoring, including tutoring software available to students at school and at home, and supervised study groups are a regular feature of academic support available to support the academic success of Collegiate High School students.

The Academic Research Center in the “D” Building is an integral part of a student’s educational experience and provides study groups which help students continue to develop effective study techniques. The center provides educational advisors and tutors to assist with college classes, career planning, life management skills and preparation for FCAT, PSAT, ACT or SAT.

Working toward their graduation requirements, juniors use the Academic Research Center to complete Academic Seminar/Research assignments and seniors work on their Capstone projects. The Academic Research Center helps students achieve success in the college environment, provides a sense of community for Collegiate High School students, and helps students make informed decisions about career and other life choices.

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