About CHS

Students who live more than two miles from the school have the option of riding to and from school in air conditioned, seat belt equipped busses on routes provided within Okaloosa County. See our transportation page for more information.

The Florida statewide Articulation agreement provides a statutory guarantee that college transfer credits earned at Northwest Florida State College are acceptable at all of the public universities and colleges in the state.

College credits are also accepted at other universities nationwide from California Polytechnic Institute to Notre Dame University, the University of Virginia and the University of Georgia.

Northwest Florida State College participates in Florida’s common course numbering system which ensures that college courses at the college are the very same courses and course numbers offered at all other Florida colleges and universities.

Graduates from this innovative public school and have successfully transferred to top colleges and universities nationwide and have received an impressive list of scholarships for universities including the prestigious FSU School of Music, California Poly-Tech, Stetson University, the University of Georgia, University of Virginia, the University of West Florida College of Education, the UWF College of Professional Studies, Marquette University, the University of Alabama, Auburn University, and the U.S. Air Force Academy.

CHS seniors demonstrate mastery of high school and college level skills required for further study or careers through a Senior Capstone Project.

The Senior Capstone Project, a Collegiate High School graduation requirement, provides students an opportunity to study their own interests in greater depth and breadth.

Through the Capstone experience students assume responsibility for their own learning by active involvement in collecting, selecting and reflecting on their education experiences at the Collegiate High School.

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As a public institution, the Collegiate High School is free of charge to students. This includes free college tuition and fees, free college and high school textbooks, free tutoring, and the assignment of a free laptop computer to each student.

Collegiate High School students also receive the same student benefits as other college students including free parking, free admission to Raider athletic basketball, baseball and softball games and college-produced cultural events such as the Northwest Florida Symphony Orchestra and NWF State College Theater Department productions.

Students are expected to provide items such as paper, pencils and personal supplies.

Earning two years of college credit tuition-free is a major cost saving opportunity for students and their parents.

The Collegiate High School is a charter school that is part of the Okaloosa County School District. This innovative public school is operated by Northwest Florida State College (a public institution which offers associate and baccalaureate degrees) and is located on the college’s Niceville campus.

The school provides 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students the opportunity to simultaneously earn both a high school diploma and transferable college credit or a college degree. The Collegiate High School is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Admissions & Enrollment

Students and parents are encouraged to honestly assess if the student possesses the maturity and commitment necessary to complete college level work.

Other indicators of student success include a Grade Point Average (GPA) of a 3.0 on high school work including the 9th grade year.

Successful completion of the Florida College Placement Test (FCPT, ACT or SAT) or the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) at the 10th grade level may also be indicators of success in the Collegiate High School program.

Collegiate High School graduates are fully eligible for scholarship awards through the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship program just as any other high school graduate.

Students need to fulfill the same requirements to receive the award (G.P.A., test scores, community service, etc.) as other Florida high school students.

While most classes will be scheduled on the Niceville campus during daytime school hours, the student and their parents, with the approval of an educational advisor, may choose to tailor a program of study to meet individual needs.

In general, admission is open to any public, private or home school student in Okaloosa County who is of high school age for grades 10, 11 or 12. Applications for admission to the collegiate school may be downloaded from our Admissions page or are available at all six NWF State College locations.

Call (850) 729-4949 for information. Limits in enrollment based on availability of space in grade, class, building or program may apply. If applicants exceed space in any grade or program area, a lottery will be employed.

Parent(s) and student(s) must sign an Agreement of Participation as part of the application process. At this time, new students are not admitted at the 12th grade year.


The course requirements for Collegiate High School students is college level. To help students succeed, CHS provides a network of vital support services.

Student service specialists dedicated to the school and its students monitor student progress on a weekly basis. These direct support staff members provide an overall 1-to-22 student ratio for personalized attention.

Free tutoring, including tutoring software available to students at school and at home, and supervised study groups are a regular feature of academic support available to support the academic success of Collegiate High School students.

The Academic Research Center in the “D” Building is an integral part of a student’s educational experience and provides study groups which help students continue to develop effective study techniques. The center provides educational advisors and tutors to assist with college classes, career planning, life management skills and preparation for FCAT, PSAT, ACT or SAT.

Working toward their graduation requirements, juniors use the Academic Research Center to complete Academic Seminar/Research assignments and seniors work on their Capstone projects. The Academic Research Center helps students achieve success in the college environment, provides a sense of community for Collegiate High School students, and helps students make informed decisions about career and other life choices.

One of the vital strengths of the Collegiate High School is the innovative use of technology-across-the curriculum.

The Collegiate School issues laptop computers to students to assist with their studies. Web-based instructional support and skill building activities, as well as web-based course information are key components of the Collegiate High School programs.

The college offers extensive computerized learning laboratories and classrooms throughout all academic disciplines. For example, all Communications courses are taught entirely in fully computerized classrooms in which each student utilizes a computer for course assignments; the computerized Music Theory and Composition classroom at the Mattie Kelly Arts Center aids students of the fine arts.

All college computerized labs are continually upgraded to keep abreast of the latest in technology used in today’s workplace.

The Collegiate High School, while embracing technology and reading across-the-curriculum, sets itself apart from tradition based education with several innovative programs. Among these are a unique academic seminar experience that helps students bridge the gap between high school and college and between college and career.

An innovative “culture of reading” integrates reading in unique and applicable ways throughout the entire curriculum and has resulted in top FCAT scores.

From our guest reader program, a READ THIS! selection guide, and visiting guest authors, to reading specific courses and seminars, the Collegiate High School is replete with opportunities to celebrate and cultivate excellent reading and writing skills.

A philosophy of “education by demonstration” at the Collegiate High School is practiced from the sophomore year to the senior year with student lead conferences and the Capstone program.

The annual student led conference allows our students a scheduled time to review their academic progress and goals with their parents to demonstrate personal responsibility and accountability.

The senior Capstone Project, a Collegiate High School graduation requirement, provides students an opportunity to study their own interests in greater depth and breadth. Through the Capstone experience, students assume responsibility for their own learning by active involvement in collecting, selecting and reflecting on their education experiences at the Collegiate High School.

The top-rated programs and facilities of the college provide a unique opportunity for students to tailor their educational program with specialization areas such as computer information sciences, fine and performing arts or other areas.

The full scope of all college facilities, such as the Mattie Kelly Arts Center, computer labs and other state-of-the-art facilities are available to Collegiate High School students.

Students are able to customize their program of study to meet the specific transfer prerequisites of more than 200 bachelor’s degree programs in the Florida university system. Collegiate school students also have the option to earn an Associate of Science degree in one of more than 30 technical degree programs offered by the college.

Collegiate High School students attend at least 180 days per year and follow the college calendar. The hours of the school day may vary, but will normally run from 9:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. with classes at the Niceville campus of Northwest Florida State College.

Northwest Florida State College faculty members who are teaching specialists in their disciplines teach Collegiate High School students. These faculty members hold masters or doctoral degrees in their teaching disciplines.

All instructors meet or exceed the accreditation standards of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Faculty members are committed to providing the highest quality personalized education for students.

The quality of instruction at Northwest Florida State College provides proven results — Northwest Florida State College graduates consistently earn some of the highest grade point averages in the state when these students transfer to the university level.

Collegiate school students follow an educational program of study developed by the student, an educational advisor and the student’s parent(s). A Comprehensive Graduation Plan (CGP) is prepared for each student upon entering the Collegiate High School. The CGP addresses requirements for the high school diplomas AA or AS degrees, and Bright Futures qualifications.

The Collegiate High School offers a Collegiate-Dual Enrollment program of study, through which students enroll in regular Northwest Florida State College college-credit courses and earn both high school and college credit for these classes.

This program of study meets statutory requirements for both a standard high school diploma and either an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science college degree. Students may individualize the Associate of Arts degree to meet the specific pre-requisite requirements of more than 200 Florida university bachelor’s degree programs through Northwest Florida State College’s vast selection of more than 250 different college courses.

Students who earn the AA degree are guaranteed admission and a seamless transfer of college credits to meet degree requirements in the Florida university system and may also transfer credits to universities nationwide. The option to earn a technically oriented Associate of Science degree is also available.

A Pre-Collegiate program of study assists students who are not yet prepared to directly enter a full program of college level classes and provides students the opportunity to increase their skills to the college level through an individualized program of study. Upon successful completion of the Pre-Collegiate program of study, students may enter the core Collegiate-Dual Enrollment program of study and enroll in a full slate of college credit classes.

Students & Student Life

The Collegiate High School provides a wide array of student activities such as:

  • Student government
  • Academic team
  • National Honor Society
  • Yearbook
  • Prom
  • Math team
  • Science Bowl team
  • Circle K
  • Schools for School
  • Forensics and Brain Bowl teams
  • Dance line
  • Phi Theta Kappa college honor society
  • Show Choir
  • Jazz band
  • Youth symphony orchestra
  • and more.

Collegiate High students may also continue to participate in extra-curricular activities, such as band and sports teams, at their regional public high school if these activities fit into the student’s daily schedule.