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Senior Ad Letter

Graduation caps and gowns are provided at no charge to Collegiate High School seniors for both the college and the high school graduation.

Senior Ad Letter 2018

Capstone Projects

In addition to being able to studying in a college environment, the unique use of technology across the curriculum, and the opportunity to earn a college degree tuition-free simultaneous with a high school diploma, the Northwest Florida State College Collegiate High School differs from existing honors or advanced placement programs in several ways. The Collegiate High School offers a detailed program of study that leads directly to college degree rather than a random acquisition of college credits. The Collegiate High School provides easier access to comprehensive learning support services directly related to a college-level curriculum. The school also offers a wider selection of and access to college-level courses as well as the opportunity to customize a program of study that is specific to a student's upper division major and prerequisites. Additionally, the advanced subject expertise and academic resources of a college faculty and campus are a distinct advantage for Collegiate High School students. The annual student led conference allows our students a scheduled time to review their academic progress and goals with their parents to demonstrate personal responsibility and accountability.

CHS seniors demonstrate mastery of high school and college level skills required for further study or careers through a Senior Capstone Project. The Senior Capstone Project, a Collegiate High School graduation requirement, provides students an opportunity to study their own interests in greater depth and breadth. Through the Capstone experience students assume responsibility for their own learning by active involvement in collecting, selecting and reflecting on their education experiences at the Collegiate High School.

Capstone Handbook 2018

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